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Drinking red wine is known to maintain heart health. But more than that, accustomed to consuming drinks that can maintain dental health.

In a glass of wine, found polyphenols that can improve dental health. Because a new study reveals that bringing red wine is very beneficial for maintaining overall health.

After analyzing the effects of polyphenols, there is also an antioxidant content found in red wine. Spanish chemists found that exposure to these compounds could help prevent bacteria from sticking to the gums, which usually causes cavities and plaque.

Not only that, antioxidants found in red wine can treat heart disease. Scientists from the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid examined two types of red wine polyphenols, caffeic acid and p-coumaric, both of which were also found in coffee and cranberries.

Both managed to prevent potentially harmful microbes from sticking to the gums. That can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Scientists say the effect is stronger when polyphenols are combined with oral dentin probiotic streptococcus bacteria. Despite promising findings, the authors of the study quickly warned that we should not start our day with mouthwash.

Instead, they suggested gargling with red wine to prevent oral diseases. Given the exposure to polyphenols in the experiment lasts up to 47 hours.

You might think of liking red wine. Coupled with foods that contain vitamin C, such as berries.

"The findings suggest some compounds called phenols should be further investigated its role in preventing the bacteria bind to cells and cause infection, but it requires a lot of validation," said Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, told the Independent on Friday (02/23/2018) .

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Wine lovers are guaranteed satisfaction when visiting this inn. They can feel the thrill of staying overnight in barrels!

Not just visiting, now travelers can stay in the wine producing plantations in Portugal. Not only that, the accommodation provided is unique because it is in the form of a wine barrel. Barrel itself is a wooden barrel used to store and ferment wine into wine.

In Duoro, Quinta da Pacheca facilitates guests with large barrel-shaped lodging not far from the vineyard. Concerning comfort, this mutual barrel is equipped with a king size mattress, wardrobe, bathroom with walk-in shower, private terrace, and windows on the ceiling that allow guests to gaze at the stars at night. Do not forget, air conditioning and wi-fi also contribute to this exclusive lodging.

This giant barrel line is made of pine wood and is designed in accordance with the shape of the barrels used in the plantation. The entire inn was designed by the owner of the wineries themselves namely Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves.

Guests can walk around and explore the 56-hectare wineries. Afterwards, they will be presented with various types of wine produced by the garden such as red, white, rose, to port wine .

The estate gave Metro's explanation about this unique lodging (6/19). "Quinta da Pacheca created barrel-shaped lodging as a bold architectural project and strengthened the authenticity of the wine tourism offered. In a beautiful romantic atmosphere, these wine barrel rooms will provide visitors with a unique experience with the nature and characteristics of the Douro wine region."

The estate also has a restaurant that provides local wine and local specialties with quality ingredients such as jam and olive oil.

If you are interested in experiencing it for yourself, you can book accommodation for £ 160 per night or £ 182 including breakfast. The estate, owned by Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves, also provides The Wine House Hotel with normal rooms.
Although not yet in large numbers but many types of popular cheese in the world can be made in Indonesia. It has even been combined with Australian wine.

As one of Indonesia's original five-star hotels, The Trans Resort Bali has never stopped supporting superior local products. One of them was through the 'Cheese and Wine Tasting Journey' event which was held on Thursday (11/13) and in collaboration with Meisindo.

The event, which was held at The Boardroom, The Trans Resort Bali, lasted for 5 hours, presenting a variety of wines from 5 well-known wineries Australia and New Zealand. Includes Thorn Clarke, Plan B, Katnock Estate, Stonefish, Baby Doll and The Crossings. While Indonesian natural cheeses are served by Mazaraat Cheese from Yogyakarta.

'This year we present a better experience. High quality wine tasting experience with the best variety of local cheeses. I hope all hoteliers in Bali support this kind of thing. We will continue this good cooperation in the future, 'said Alexander Jovanovic, Director of Development Hotels and Resort CT Corp Indonesia.

'I am pleased to be able to cooperate in this event. For me Mazaarata cheese from Yogyakarta is the best Indonesian cheese. With products in the form of various types of French cheese that are of very good quality, 'said Rocky as one of Meisindo's wine consultants.

While Jamie as the cheese maker of Mazaeraat Artisan Cheese from Yogyakarta also welcomed the program " Cheese and Wine Tasting Journey" . '

' Glad to be able to participate in this event. We can share our products as well as stories of our struggle to make a variety of natural cheeses including French cheeses in Yogyakarta, 'said Jamie.

French cheeses made with ingredients native to Indonesia in Yogyakarta by Mazaraat Artisan Cheese. Like Tomme de Merapi, Reblochon, Khayya, Athan, Blue Cheese to Halloumi.

Visitors who packed The Boardroom of The Trans Resort Bali tasted Indonesian natural cheese accompanied by a variety of Australian and New Zealand wines, each of which had a different and unique character. The event was also enlivened by a 'blind tasting' competition.

Wine or the best wine is definitely expensive. In Hungary , there is a bottle of wine valued at USD 40 thousand or Rp 550 million.

CNN, the Hungarian wine maker, Royal Tokaji Wine Company, said that each bottle of a limited edition from Essencia 2008 is very valuable. There are only 20 bottles containing 1.5 liters.

The wine packaging was designed by Hungarian artist James Carcass. 18 of them were released last year. As the most expensive wine in the world at launch, Essencia 2008 is the most expensive wine prepared for sale in 2019.

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Each bottle will be packaged in a black lacquered box that is handmade. This means that none is truly identical. About 11 bottles have been sold, Royal Tokaji will sell the remaining seven before the wine expiration date in 2300.

What makes Hungarian wine expensive?

Natural wonder, Essencia is made in the Tokaj wine region, northeast of Budapest, Hungary. Day trips there are very popular with tourists.

The sweet wine produced here depends on botrytis cinerea or noble decay. It will dry the grapes on the vine, shrink and become something that looks like a chocolate raisin.

Only the best aszo grapes are used for Essencia. Visitors can tour the winery, which is located about two and a half hours drive from Budapest and of course taste it.

Essencia can only be produced within a few years. It depends on the weather conditions which are more or less perfect for botrytis and 2008 so it is a mark of a very appropriate year.

About one kilogram of very ripe aszu wine can only produce one teaspoon of wine. It takes about 20 kilograms of wine for a 37.5 centiliter bottle of wine, usually containing about 3% alcohol.

There are so processes in making this wine, like the fermentation process. "Essencia is bottled after eight years of maturation. This is a slightly unusual Essencia because it has a higher alcohol volume, around 4%," said Zoltan Kovacs, general manager at Royal Tokaji Winery.

Royal Tokaji must obtain special permission from the Hungarian government to bottle Essencia in a 1.5 liter container. The current law only allows a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters.

Those who buy and spend USD 40,000 for a bottle of wine are very few. For example, London's high-end department stores, Fortnum & Mason recently bought one, a Beijing collector, the first individual buyer.

Essencia offers a very interesting expiration date (2300) due to its high sugar and acidity. Of course this wine will be more expensive in the coming year.

When a collector adds a bottle of wine to their cellar, how likely are they to drink it? According to Charlie Mount, managing director of Royal Tokaji, the first bottle sold was opened at the Chinese New Year party shortly after the client received it.

"It hurts me when something is on display. Wine is made to drink. If you want, keep it for special occasions," he said.

Essencia 2008 is available in scoops in various restaurants and hotels in the United States and Italy. The Royal Tokaji wine company is located in Mad, Hungary.

French people are famous for the way they enjoy life. However, their love of wine , culinary, and cheese seemed to know no bounds.

"The French like and respect their wine , which may be the reason there are many etiquettes around how to enjoy it," explained Julie Bardoz who is a French wine expert as reported by the New York Post,  Tuesday (07/17/2018).

1. Never drink wine without food

For French people, wine and food go hand in hand. That is why you rarely see them consuming wine (especially red wine) without other dishes.

2. Cheers with each guest individually

Lifting glasses is important in France. However, there is a correct way to do it. If not, it can bring bad luck.

The trick is to wait for all the guests to come, then toast with the guest next to you. Then, don't forget to look him in the eye and say " chin chin ". Do that for all the guests afterwards.

3. If you are a guest, don't pour wine in your own glass

If you are a guest in someone's house and find the wine glass is empty, don't try to pour it yourself. That was considered rude.

Instead, wait for the host if you want to drink more and he will pour it.

4. Don't ask for a full glass

If the host poured a glass of wine, they would not fill it to the brim. If you ask to meet the glass, it is considered rude and they will assume you are a lustful person.

On the other hand, if you stop him when he is still pouring wine, it will be considered rude and not appreciate the wine.

5. Don't buy the cheapest wine in the shop

If you are invited to eat dinner in France, you will usually bring a bottle of wine or chocolate. However, do not buy the cheapest.

Wine is often part of the conversation. Be sure to bring the one you like the most and know a lot about it.

6. Don't leave lipstick marks on the wine glass

This is considered rude. Make sure to wear lipstick that is stained with thinner and long lasting.

7. Can put ice

Some wine experts frown when people put ice cubes in their wine. However, the French have the term La Piscine de Rose .

8. Pamper yourself

There are many unwritten rules about how to enjoy wine that can make strangers uncomfortable. However, BArdoz added, at the end of the day, French people like wine and having fun with play games slot oline one piece.

So, if you break some rules, it will not damage the whole world, especially on the big celebration days there.
The status of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin is currently being questioned, whether they have become husband and wife or are still just engaged.

But clearly, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are now enjoying their vacation time together. And this they run in a luxurious manner.

Reporting from Antara , Saturday (09/22/2018), after attending London Fashion week, both are on holiday to the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Justin Bieber, Drinking Wine for US $ 9,500

There, they stayed at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, in Ravello for US $ 13 thousand or around Rp. 192.8 million per night. This was revealed by a reporter Il Vescovado to People .

The accommodation is equipped with a personal butler and chef as well as a private garden and beautiful views of the Italian coast.

Hailey Baldwin - Justin Bieber. (THEO WARGO / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)
"Yesterday he used up US $ 9,500 (Rp140.9 million) for a bottle of Petrus wine. He also ordered pasta a la bolognes and calmness in Rovello," the reporter said.

On their vacation in Italy, the two took pictures with fans and drank wine together.

"Justin and Hailey had a great time in Europe," said one source.

Justin Bieber dan Hailey Baldwin. (THEO WARGO / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)
"They like to leave the US and relax. Justin didn't call it a honeymoon, but he treated Hailey as if it was a honeymoon. He was crazy about Hailey and was very happy."

Previously they were seen in London and kissed in the park last Monday. (AMONG)
The Warmth of Bali in a Bottle of Plaga Wine - Beer is made by humans, but wine is made by gods. From this expression Plaga Wine is present in Indonesia, precisely in Bali.

Although Indonesians have traditionally not been wine drinkers, but times are changing, lifestyles too. Tourism indirectly brings people from different parts of the world to find joy in a bottle of wine.

When visited the Plaga Wine factory, the wine was made using advanced technology. "We are 100 percent authentic Indonesian, using the best products and equipment available in the wine making market," said Juan Jose, GM of Plaga Wine.

According to him, Plaga Wine is produced from the best grapes that are grown in premium in many countries in Europe and Western Australia.

"The wine is then fermented and packaged in Indonesia," he said.

One of the grapes with a unique taste is Sweet Rose. At first glance it feels similar to the taste of candy which reminds many people of their childhood. This wine is very light and suitable for people who are just starting to drink wine.