Friday, 28 February 2020

Exciting! Wine Lovers Can Now Stay in Barrel-Shaped Hotels

Wine lovers are guaranteed satisfaction when visiting this inn. They can feel the thrill of staying overnight in barrels!

Not just visiting, now travelers can stay in the wine producing plantations in Portugal. Not only that, the accommodation provided is unique because it is in the form of a wine barrel. Barrel itself is a wooden barrel used to store and ferment wine into wine.

In Duoro, Quinta da Pacheca facilitates guests with large barrel-shaped lodging not far from the vineyard. Concerning comfort, this mutual barrel is equipped with a king size mattress, wardrobe, bathroom with walk-in shower, private terrace, and windows on the ceiling that allow guests to gaze at the stars at night. Do not forget, air conditioning and wi-fi also contribute to this exclusive lodging.

This giant barrel line is made of pine wood and is designed in accordance with the shape of the barrels used in the plantation. The entire inn was designed by the owner of the wineries themselves namely Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves.

Guests can walk around and explore the 56-hectare wineries. Afterwards, they will be presented with various types of wine produced by the garden such as red, white, rose, to port wine .

The estate gave Metro's explanation about this unique lodging (6/19). "Quinta da Pacheca created barrel-shaped lodging as a bold architectural project and strengthened the authenticity of the wine tourism offered. In a beautiful romantic atmosphere, these wine barrel rooms will provide visitors with a unique experience with the nature and characteristics of the Douro wine region."

The estate also has a restaurant that provides local wine and local specialties with quality ingredients such as jam and olive oil.

If you are interested in experiencing it for yourself, you can book accommodation for £ 160 per night or £ 182 including breakfast. The estate, owned by Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves, also provides The Wine House Hotel with normal rooms.

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