Friday, 28 February 2020

Hungary, the World's Most Expensive Wine Producing Country

Wine or the best wine is definitely expensive. In Hungary , there is a bottle of wine valued at USD 40 thousand or Rp 550 million.

CNN, the Hungarian wine maker, Royal Tokaji Wine Company, said that each bottle of a limited edition from Essencia 2008 is very valuable. There are only 20 bottles containing 1.5 liters.

The wine packaging was designed by Hungarian artist James Carcass. 18 of them were released last year. As the most expensive wine in the world at launch, Essencia 2008 is the most expensive wine prepared for sale in 2019.

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Each bottle will be packaged in a black lacquered box that is handmade. This means that none is truly identical. About 11 bottles have been sold, Royal Tokaji will sell the remaining seven before the wine expiration date in 2300.

What makes Hungarian wine expensive?

Natural wonder, Essencia is made in the Tokaj wine region, northeast of Budapest, Hungary. Day trips there are very popular with tourists.

The sweet wine produced here depends on botrytis cinerea or noble decay. It will dry the grapes on the vine, shrink and become something that looks like a chocolate raisin.

Only the best aszo grapes are used for Essencia. Visitors can tour the winery, which is located about two and a half hours drive from Budapest and of course taste it.

Essencia can only be produced within a few years. It depends on the weather conditions which are more or less perfect for botrytis and 2008 so it is a mark of a very appropriate year.

About one kilogram of very ripe aszu wine can only produce one teaspoon of wine. It takes about 20 kilograms of wine for a 37.5 centiliter bottle of wine, usually containing about 3% alcohol.

There are so processes in making this wine, like the fermentation process. "Essencia is bottled after eight years of maturation. This is a slightly unusual Essencia because it has a higher alcohol volume, around 4%," said Zoltan Kovacs, general manager at Royal Tokaji Winery.

Royal Tokaji must obtain special permission from the Hungarian government to bottle Essencia in a 1.5 liter container. The current law only allows a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters.

Those who buy and spend USD 40,000 for a bottle of wine are very few. For example, London's high-end department stores, Fortnum & Mason recently bought one, a Beijing collector, the first individual buyer.

Essencia offers a very interesting expiration date (2300) due to its high sugar and acidity. Of course this wine will be more expensive in the coming year.

When a collector adds a bottle of wine to their cellar, how likely are they to drink it? According to Charlie Mount, managing director of Royal Tokaji, the first bottle sold was opened at the Chinese New Year party shortly after the client received it.

"It hurts me when something is on display. Wine is made to drink. If you want, keep it for special occasions," he said.

Essencia 2008 is available in scoops in various restaurants and hotels in the United States and Italy. The Royal Tokaji wine company is located in Mad, Hungary.

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