Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Tips for drinking French wine

French people are famous for the way they enjoy life. However, their love of wine , culinary, and cheese seemed to know no bounds.

"The French like and respect their wine , which may be the reason there are many etiquettes around how to enjoy it," explained Julie Bardoz who is a French wine expert as reported by the New York Post,  Tuesday (07/17/2018).

1. Never drink wine without food

For French people, wine and food go hand in hand. That is why you rarely see them consuming wine (especially red wine) without other dishes.

2. Cheers with each guest individually

Lifting glasses is important in France. However, there is a correct way to do it. If not, it can bring bad luck.

The trick is to wait for all the guests to come, then toast with the guest next to you. Then, don't forget to look him in the eye and say " chin chin ". Do that for all the guests afterwards.

3. If you are a guest, don't pour wine in your own glass

If you are a guest in someone's house and find the wine glass is empty, don't try to pour it yourself. That was considered rude.

Instead, wait for the host if you want to drink more and he will pour it.

4. Don't ask for a full glass

If the host poured a glass of wine, they would not fill it to the brim. If you ask to meet the glass, it is considered rude and they will assume you are a lustful person.

On the other hand, if you stop him when he is still pouring wine, it will be considered rude and not appreciate the wine.

5. Don't buy the cheapest wine in the shop

If you are invited to eat dinner in France, you will usually bring a bottle of wine or chocolate. However, do not buy the cheapest.

Wine is often part of the conversation. Be sure to bring the one you like the most and know a lot about it.

6. Don't leave lipstick marks on the wine glass

This is considered rude. Make sure to wear lipstick that is stained with thinner and long lasting.

7. Can put ice

Some wine experts frown when people put ice cubes in their wine. However, the French have the term La Piscine de Rose .

8. Pamper yourself

There are many unwritten rules about how to enjoy wine that can make strangers uncomfortable. However, BArdoz added, at the end of the day, French people like wine and having fun with play games slot oline one piece.

So, if you break some rules, it will not damage the whole world, especially on the big celebration days there.

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