Friday, 20 March 2020

Addicted to Playing Online Games, This Man Mistakenly Drinks Acidic Liquid

Addicted to playing online games can indeed be dangerous. One of them became less focused, until one drink acidic fluid that is suspected as water.

Acid or acidic liquid has many types, one of which is famous for sulfuric, nitric acid, to hydrochloric acid. The reactions and side effects, which are caused to the body also vary. Especially if taken directly.

Addicted to Playing Online Games,

A man from Chhindwara, India, must be rushed to the hospital after drinking acidic liquids. Reported by the Times of India (05/03), this man accidentally drank the acidic liquid in a drink bottle. He thought that the bottle contained mineral water.

This 25-year-old man is addicted to the online game PUBG. So when he was busy playing games, he did not realize that the bottle he was going to drink was not filled with mineral water.

"There is a bottle filled with acid (acid), which is located not far from him. Because he was busy playing games, he accidentally drank the liquid, which he considered as mineral water. His health condition had deteriorated, so he had to be rushed to Nagpur," said Doctor Manan Gogiya, who handled this case.

Initially the family had to bring this man home, even though his health condition continued to decline. But finally they brought the man back, after his condition got worse and worse.

"There are many wounds in his stomach, which cause pain. When his condition did not improve in Nagpur, finally his family brought him back here. He could not eat anything, and lost 5-6 kg of weight in a matter of days," said Doctor Manan .

According to him the condition of the man could finally be saved, after he went through a series of operations. Manan's doctor mentioned that the surgery was going well, and that the man was recovering. His weight had gone up, and the stitches had been removed.

Unfortunately there was no mention of what kind of acidic liquid, which was accidentally taken by this man whose identity was withheld.

But despite having experienced a critical condition, this one man still could not stop playing online games on his cellphone.

"During the treatment period, he was always busy playing games on his cellphone. If he was not playing, he would watch movies on his cellphone," concluded the doctor.

Events because of addiction to online games slot like this, it is not the first time this has happened. Previously a mother in the Philippines, was willing to feed the child to eat at the internet cafe, to give him vitamins. Because the child who never went home, and was addicted to online games.

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